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Large global businesses are rapidly developing innovative business models geared towards growth beyond home markets. They have invigorated methods of doing business, pioneering products, streamlined services and interactive platforms; they often bring products and services unserved markets need by fostering new knowledge and capabilities. However, they are often little understood and underserved by the financial services industry. At Cim Finance, we take the time to thoroughly understand your financing needs and, using this knowledge, we develop a financing plan that maximizes your company's strengths. Let us provide you with the expert knowledge and customized financial solutions that will expand your scope and ensure the prosperity of your business!

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  • Garuda Car Rental

    My company Garuda Car Rental was a dream that started in 2013 with 3 small cars leased by Cim Finance. Today, my company has a fleet of around 10 cars rented to tourists all year round. My business has flourished with the help of CIM Finance. I can guarantee that my loyalty will stay with your company.

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