Cim MoCrédit

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Cim Mocrédit

The solution to your immediate need for a credit facility!
You are expecting another baby… You want to renovate your house… You have a family emergency…

Your financial needs change at different stages of life. Cim MoCrédit is the right financing solution that accompanies you in your journey. Cim MoCrédit is an all-purpose credit facility offered to finance any personal project that you wish to pursue e.g. , purchase of a necessary commodity or for any other personal requirement.

Cim MoCrédit gives a breathing space to those in urgent need of cash.

All credit purchases come with these great benefits

Déboursement possible

Possible disbursement

Possible disbursement in 3 working days

Durée de remboursement

Repayment period

Repayment term up to 4 years

Montant du prêt

Amount of credit facility

Credit facility amount up to 1 year of salary (no collateral needed up to a Relevant certain limit)



Easy and fast application procedures

  • Nooreza B.A

    I’ve been well advised and the very dedicated services match my needs. It’s what I need in daily life.