Shell Card

Hit the road without the risk of running dry

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Shell Card

Manage your fuel consumption smartly and securely!

If your company has a vehicle pool, its management can be tedious and time-consuming. Shell Card equipped with smart technology offers you a credit line that helps you manage efficiently your fuel consumption. With each vehicle monitored through its individual card and pin code, all your drivers also save time. They just have to

  • Fill up
  • Present the vehicle’s Shell Card
  • Enter its secret pin code
  • Drive out
  • Garuda Car Rental

    My company Garuda Car Rental was a dream that started in 2013 with 3 small cars leased by Cim Finance. Today, my company has a fleet of around 10 cars rented to tourists all year round. My business has flourished with the help of CIM Finance. I can guarantee that my loyalty will stay with your company.

Relevant documents

Certificat d'incorporation

Certificate of incorporation

Board resolution

Board resolution

Rapports annuels

Annual reports

Permis d'opération valable

Valid operating licence

Relevés bancaires

Bank statements of last 3 months

Preuve d'adresse

Proof of address dating from less than 3 months (CEB/CWA/MT bill)

Cartes d'identité

Copies of directors’ ID cards 

Certificat de TVA

VAT certificate

Business Registration Card

Business Registration Card