My company Garuda Car Rental was a dream that started in 2013 with 3 small cars leased by Cim Finance. Today, my company has a fleet of around 10 cars rented to tourists all year round. My business has flourished with the help of CIM Finance. I can guarantee that my loyalty will stay with your company.

Garuda Car Rental
Liven Vencatasamy

Winner of first Cim Mokart Lucky Draw

For 19 years, Cim Finance has been my preferred partner in several personal projects, whether it was to equip my workshop or to look after my family. Thanks to Cim Finance, I’m very happy to be flying with my wife to Dubai, an amazing country, according to many people. Thank you, Cim Finance!

Cardholder for more than 5 years

I am very satisfied with the service and the team responds quickly to my queries. I also regularly use the travel insurance cover, which is a fantastic asset.

Mme Yolande
Mme Vimla

Cardholder for more than 10 years

The Cim Finance Titanium card is useful and practical, especially while travelling overseas. I was impressed by the classy manner in which the card was packaged and presented. I even got complimented on its look whilst in Europe!”